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Drupal Web Design and Development

At MePeak we have been committed for many years to designing and developing Drupal based website. It's a choice we made early on based on how popular Drupal is within the open-source community. Every day Drupal becomes more and more popular, it's one of the most reliable platforms out there to develop heavy duty commercial websites.

We work almost exclusively with Drupal due to it's extensive library of well documented modules and ease of use for our clients. Our clients are small and medium enterprises, demanding and prestigious, who appreciate the added value that Drupal provides to them. We offer consulting, project analysis, web development and Drupal module development.

Why choose MePeak for your Drupal project?

Here's a short list of some of the type Drupal work we do for clients

  • Creating and maintaining websites with Drupal.
  • Analysis of Usability and Accessibility of websites.
  • Securing and keeping different versions of Drupal up to date and secure.
  • Creating responsive themes based on PSD designs.
  • Developing SEO strategies for client projects using Drupal.
  • Installation, updating and maintenance of their website.
  • Creating web based Drupal applications, corporative websites, intranets, and e-commerce websites.
  • Responsive Drupal theme customization, installation, configuration and modification of modules.
  • Performance testing and security in Drupal

Drupal Benefits

  • Content management (images, videos, audio, articles, forums, surveys, etc...)
  • Intuitive user administration
  • Version control through Drush and GIT
  • Multiple languages ​​and Location
  • Multi platform(works on any device with a web browser)
  • Content syndication(easily distribute feeds)
  • Any type of weblogs, forum, gallery, surveys can be created to serve your users

We work alongside Agencies to serve your customers

Not only does MePEak provide custom Drupal solutions to our clients, we also provide professional support to large companies that are looking to outsource. You can connect with us to strategies in helping you and your team during every development stage.

Here's a short list of the type of services we provide Drupal agencies:

  • Installation and configuration of Drupal and all necessary modules.
  • Development of modules with customized appearance and functionality.
  • Creating design templates with your company, or customization of topics.
  • Consulting on website optimization, server performance, and troubleshooting Drupal.
  • Optimizing Drupal site content for search engines.
  • Obtaining accessibility certification on its website.
  • Analysis of usability of your website.
  • And last but not least optimizing your web presence on leading social platforms Pintrest, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr.

If you are looking for a for a one-stop solution to reliably manage your website content, MePeak is ready to build you a Drupal website based on our expertise that will provide the best services to increase profitability and performance for your business.

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